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Thank you to our Future of Medicine event sponsors, for making FOM23 possible, and championing the cause. That prevention is cure and lifestyle is medicine.

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The Future of Medicine is proudly brought to you by PREKURE, Australasia’s leading provider of accredited, university level training in preventative medicine.

PREKURE are bringing scientific evidence into tangible practice by upskilling healthcare professionals, training Health Coaches, and providing workforce development training for corporates and communities.

Learn more at prekure.com.

    With support from our Gold Sponsor

    FOM23 Sponsor CannaPlus+

    Our gold sponsor CannaPlus+ is a specialty medicinal cannabis clinic in Auckland, that empowers New Zealanders with well-researched and safe alternatives to achieve better health. The team of renowned, highly qualified senior consultants with specialties across multiple fields, focus on patient-centred personalised treatments, providing safe and natural alternatives for healthcare.

    Dr Michael Murphy, Clinical Director at CannaPlus+, will be speaking on Day 1 of the conference sharing research and clinical application of the ‘Therapeutic Power of Medicinal Cannabis’.

    And hear from Dr Afraz Adam, CannaPlus+ Chief Medical Officer, as he discusses ‘From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones: Medicinal Cannabis Revolutionised’ on Day 2.

    Learn more at cannaplus.co.nz.


    And with support and thanks to our Silver sponsors

    We’ve made it simple for people and their health providers to connect with each other anytime, anywhere.

    Trusted by over 1.75 million Kiwis and used by most health centres, Manage My Health is a secure health portal that empowers people to take charge of their health and extends the capabilities of health practices to let them focus on what’s more important – patient care.

    Learn more at managemyhealth.co.nz.


    FOM23 Sponsor Found-Space

    Found—Space is the leading Hormetic Tech company in Australia and New Zealand. Our focus lies in harnessing the power of Hormesis, a physiological process that stimulates the body’s adaptive response by subjecting it to mild stresses. Through our innovative products, such as infrared saunas and ice baths, we enable individuals to optimise their well-being and longevity. We go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction. When you choose Found—Space, you can expect not only premium products but also a comprehensive warranty as well as free installation and delivery with any purchase. Our goal is to make it as easy as possible for you to incorporate these beneficial practices into your daily routine. At Found—Space, we are committed to supporting our customers in their journey towards a healthier life. We take pride in supplying top-quality infrared saunas and ice baths to homes and businesses across Australia and New Zealand. With our products, you can experience the transformative effects of heat and cold therapy, boosting your body’s resilience and vitality.

    Learn more at foundspace.co.nz.


    FOM23 Sponsor Nutriscript

    Nutriscript offers Practitioner-Only Solutions For Integrative Healthcare Practitioners & Their Patients. With Nutriscript you gain access to a wide range of practitioner-only and retail supplements. Our online platform allows the practitioner access to scripting functions, functional testing, technical support, protocols, datasheets, webinars, podcasts and more. We represent over 60+ reputable brands, with over 1,100 products and over 250 functional tests. We are a team of committed individuals that all share the vision of promoting preventative medicine to improve the health of our nation and beyond.

    Learn more at nutriscript.co.nz.


    FOM23 Sponsor calo curb

    Calocurb is a 100% natural appetite control and hunger management supplement sold in NZ, Australia, USA, and China. Amarasate, the active ingredient in Calocurb, was developed in NZ by a group of Scientists who work for the New Zealand Institute for Plant & Food Research using a NZD$25m grant. It comes from a specific variety of Hops grown in NZ, which has been clinically proven to reduce changes in hunger and cravings by up to 100% and calorie intake by 18% after only one hour.

    Learn more at calocurb.co.nz.


    FOM23 Sponsor SRW

    SRW is a New Zealand biotechnology company. We work with leading scientists to formulate nutraceuticals that help you age well by supporting your cells. Our purpose is to challenge the way people think about and experience aging.

    Learn more at scienceresearchwellness.com.


    FOM23 Sponsor calo curb

    Keto Food Co is a company that specializes in providing keto-friendly food options. Our products are low in carbohydrates and high in healthy fats, making it easier for you to maintain a state of ketosis. Keto Food Co aims to make the transition to a keto diet more convenient and enjoyable by offering delicious and nutritious food choices. Whether you’re looking for snacks, meals, or ingredients, Keto Food Co has a variety of options to support your keto lifestyle.

    Learn more at theketofoodco.nz.


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    The Future of Medicine is proudly brought to you by PREKURE, Australasia’s leading provider of accredited, university level training in preventative lifestyle medicine.

    PREKURE are bringing scientific evidence into tangible practice by training health coaches, upskilling healthcare professionals and providing workforce development training for corporates, schools and communities. Learn more at prekure.com.