FOM2022 featured a mix of scientific and practical talks with a focus on shifting the narrative in medicine to one of lifestyle and prevention. FOM2023 schedule coming soon!

In-person live & interactive sessions to inspire a new view of medicine:

Pre-event: Networking Drinks Thursday 17 November 5:30pm – 7:00pm

Conference Day 1: The Future of Brain Health Friday 18 November 8:30am start (arrival from 8am) – 3:00pm

Conference ​Day 2: The Future of Metabolic Health Saturday 19 November 9:00am start (arrival from 8:30am) – 4:00pm

Pre-event: Thursday 17 November 2022


5.30 - 7.00pm

Networking Drinks

Your chance to meet, mix and mingle with the Future of Medicine and PREKURE community from 5:30-7:00pm.

Optional: PREKURE Spring Graduation ceremony from 7:00-9:00pm. Optional attendance to stay and celebrate PREKURE’s recent graduates.

Conference Day 1: Friday 18 November 2022, 8:30am – 3:30pm

The Future of Brain Health




With MC Teressa Betty

Innovation to disruption: The next steps in reducing the burden of mental illness

With Prof Julia Rucklidge, Professor of Clinical Psychology

Professor Rucklidge, a distinguished world leader in the treatment of mental health issues with micronutrient supplementation looks at where the field is at, and how we can make a real difference to mental health using nutrients.

Hormetic medicine: The future of medicine

With Prof Grant Schofield, Professor of Public Health and PREKURE Chief Science Officer

What is the future of medicine? Its hormetic medicine – an approach which takes advantage of our default state of “antifragility”. Professor Schofield will especially look at brain health including exercise and thermotherapies.

The coach approach to mental health: Bringing health coaching to mental health and addictions

With Ree George, PREKURE Certified Mental Health Coach

Ree, a physiotherapist turned Health Coach specialising in mental health, will show you how health coaching is an important piece in the puzzle of a new health workforce.

New concepts in mental health

With Dr William Ferguson, GP

Dr Ferguson explores where we are at in treating mental health issues with personalised therapy.

Trauma resolution with havening: Why compassionate medicine matters

With Dr Robin Youngson, Trauma Specialist and Certified Havening Practitioner

Dr Youngson is one of the most credentialed medical practitioners in New Zealand. His distinguished career covers aetiology, a new view on medical and psychotherapy especially havening therapies. His work will change how you think medicine should be practiced.

Trauma informed care: A lens for better mental health practice

With Josh Darby, Senior Firefighter and Health Researcher 

Josh is a crew fire-fighter now specialising in trauma-informed care in organisations. He will talk on trauma and taking a trauma informed approach. This is a fundamental change in care we need to take if we are to help improve our mental health outcomes.

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy: How to Create the Life You Want to Live

With Sophia Dawson, Registered Psychologist

Sophia is a registered psychologist and ACT practitioner. She will show you the potential of and introduce you to the foundational techniques.

Towards Algorithmic Wellness: Exploring Wearable Technology and AI/ML for Depression

With Associate Professor Frederick Sundram and Doctoral Candidate Sobhan Chatterjee 

Where we are at and where we can go with data driven wearable data and other wellness data for identifying and motivating changes in brain health.

Optimising brain health

With Dr Matthew Phillips, Metabolic Neurologist

Dr Phillips is a metabolic neurologist who is changing the way neurology is practiced. His new view on optimising mitochondrial function offers an exciting future for neurology.

Conference Day 2: Saturday 19 November 2022, 9:00am – 4:00pm

The Future of Metabolic Health




With MC Teressa Betty

Food Quality

With Dr Caryn Zinn, Associate Professor and Registered Dietitian

Caryn will take her nexus of science and practice in nutrition and take a close look into food quality through the lens of different dietary approaches.

Insulin, glucagon and other metabolites: The big picture

With Dr Catherine Crofts, Pharmacist & Lecturer 

Dr Crofts a pharmacist with expertise in metabolic function will describe everything you want to know and more about the latest in endocrine function as it relates to metabolic health.

Low Carb for Weight Loss: What We Are Told And Why

With Brendan Reid, Health Coach and Author

Health Coach and author Brendan Reid talks about his remarkable weight loss and diet story.

Autoimmune protocols that can change your life

With Julianne Taylor, Registered Nutritionist

Julianne is registered nutritionist best known for her PhD level work in the Autoimmune Protocol, in particular in rheumatoid arthritis. She will show you how to use AIP in practice and get you up to date with the latest evidence.

How to Scale ‘Prevention is Cure’

With Dr Louise Schofield, Behaviour Change

The science is there. The research is there. The outcomes are there. Louise will address what it will now take to get widespread adoption of ‘prevention is cure’ in our society.



Panel Discussion – Opportunities and challenges for lifestyle medicine in Māori and Pasifika communities. Applying a cultural lens to achieve better health outcomes

With Teressa Betty, Adrian Hakaraia Te Patu, Leaupepe Pauli Dr Jamie Ioane, Dr Lily Fraser, Mara Andrews

Join Teressa Betty and some of New Zealand’s leading health activists in this lively discussion. Panelists tackle the issue of what we can do about our Māori and Pasifika communities being disproportionately affected by our escalating chronic disease and mental health crisis.

A better version of the healthcare system: How Health Coaches are the solution

With Dr Glen Davies, New Zealand GP of the Year 2021

Dr Davies was awarded NZ GP of the year for his work in reversing diabetes and changing the way we practice medicine. He will speak on a new view of what we can do and how to do it in primary care.

Metabolic therapies in practice: Cancer

With Dr Matthew Phillips, Dr Glen Davies and Sarona Rameka

This will be an emotional journey through cancer survival using fasting, keto and other therapies. Sarona Rameka, now a fasting Health Coach, but also a cancer survivor herself, will share her remarkable story with her two treating doctors.

Watch this space!

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