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Day 1

Dr David Beaumont
The future is positive medicine: Revolutionising healthcare for a healthier future

Dr Caryn Zinn
Have we ridden the low carb wave?

Dr Catherine Crofts
Diabetes mellitus: Time for a name change?

Dr Mikki Williden
The science of success in fat loss: Exploring the ‘Mondays Matter’ approach

Deborah Murtagh
The ketogenic diet and the importance of mindset and metabolic flexibility for long-term healthy weight management

Dr Michael Murphy
Therapeutic power of medicinal cannabis

Prof Julia Rucklidge
The future of mental health

Ray Finch
Transforming mental health support: The NZ Health Group’s story of impact and change

Dr Paul Mason
The future of metabolic health

Greg Macpherson
The future of longevity


Day 2

Dr Paul Mason
Decoding Atherosclerosis: The clotting theory and seed oil toxicity

Prof Grant Schofield
Hormetic medicine: Unlocking the hidden power of harnessing stress for optimal health

Dr Louise Schofield
Supply and demand: PREKURE working both sides of the equation

Dr Glen Davies & Jaala Dyer
The realities of behavioural change in primary care

Sonya English
What if: We had a Health Coach approach across all of healthcare

Bronwyn Hudson
Innovating for the future of medicine – An international perspective on the role of Health Coaches and nutrition therapists

Dr Afraz Adam
From stumbling blocks to stepping stones: Medicinal cannabis revolutionised

Dr Matthew Phillips
Metabolic therapy in glioblastoma: Māori and European ancestral strategies

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