Best of FOM

Watch exclusive keynote presentations from previous Future of Medicine Conferences featuring the distinguished New Zealand GP of the Year, Dr. Glen Davies, the world-leading Metabolic Neurologist, Dr. Matthew Phillips, the renowned Professor of Clinical Psychology, Julia Rucklidge, among others.

Best of FOM 2023

Death by Comfort

Paul Taylor| Neuroscientist, Exercise Physiologist & Nutritionist

Unlocking the hidden power of harnessing stress for optimal health

Prof Grant Schofield | Professor of Public Health


Metabolic therapy in glioblastoma

Dr Matthew Phillips | Metabolic Neurologist


Revolutionising healthcare for a healthier future

Dr David Beaumont | Consultant Occupational Physician

Decoding Atherosclerosis

Dr Paul Mason | Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician


What if we had a Health Coach approach across all of healthcare

Sonya English | Registered Nurse & PREKURE Health Coach

Have we ridden the low-carb wave?

Dr Caryn Zinn | Registered Dietician


Future of Medicine Conference 2023

FOM23 Conference Highlights

Best of FOM 2022

Optimising Brain Health

Dr Matthew Phillips | Metabolic Neurologist

A Better Version of the Healthcare System

Dr Glen Davies | 2021 NZ GP of the Year

Metabolic Therapies in Practice: Cancer

Dr Matthew Phillips, Sarona Rameka, Dr Glen Davies

Reducing the Burden of Mental Health

Prof Julia Rucklidge | Professor of Clinical Psychology

Why Food Quality is What Matters Most 

Dr Caryn Zinn | Associate Professor & Registered Dietician

Insulin, Glucagon & Other Metabolites

Dr Catherine Crofts | Pharmacist & Lecturer

How to scale ‘Prevention as Cure’

Dr Louise Schofield | CEO PREKURE

Low Carb for Weight Loss: What We Are Told

Brendan Reid | Health Coach & Author

Hormetic Medicine – the future of medicine

Prof Grant Schofield | PREKURE Chief Science Officer

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