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The Future of Medicine

The Future of Medicine is a ground up movement, challenging the status quo in our current ‘sickcare’ system. We’re shifting the narrative from “bottom-of-the-cliff” stopgaps to sustainable proactive preventions and lifestyle interventions. We invite you to join us and together, we will extend the human healthspan and make a real impact on healthcare’s future. 

The Future of Medicine Conference

Coming 2024

This annual event is for anyone who wants to be part of a new view of medicine, with prevention and lifestyle medicine at the heart of our healthcare system.  See and interact with some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners, immerse yourself in a mix of scientific and practical talks, and mix and mingle with the future of medicine community.

“I have never enjoyed a conference so much before. Many of the topics challenged my current knowledge but I am willing to change especially with the research based evidence that was provided. I didn’t want the conference to end. The food was also amazing.

Maree, Registered Nurse

“Excellent range of speakers. Breath of fresh air. Motivational and inspiring.

Dr Gretchen Laubscher, GP

“If not now then when? PREKURE has set the stage for targeting lifestyle intervention. Mother Nature is not an innovation but something we can harness with evolving knowledge and the right skills to ensure the future health of individuals, communities and populations. This shouldn’t be a choice, it needs to be mainstream! Thanks for bringing together an inspirational group of passionate leaders to drive this movement.

Estelle, Pharmacist

“Loved the 2 days, enthusiastic and knowledgeable presenters. Some laughs, some tears, a concept that we hope will be embraced by all heath professionals from the bottom to the top. It is the only way into the future. Thank you!

Jenny, Cardiac Nurse

“A comprehensive, fast, well run experience with knowledgeable engaging speakers at the forefront of this movement…
the organisers are passionate in their vision and walk their talk providing the best conference food I have experienced anywhere and I have been to many conferences!!

Judy, Psychotherapist

“An exciting and inspiring insight into future-positive health care.

Dr Paul Butler, GP

“Best conference I have ever attended here or in Australia. Well done PREKURE. I have found my Tribe. Nga mihi.

Dr Glen Davies, Lifestyle Medicine Specialist

“Unquestionably the very best health related event I have ever attended. A collection of fantastic, passionate experts artfully describing their field, supported by magnificent food. Thank you .


Great conference / trade displays / food / vibe / connections. I have no problem giving up my weekend for such an awesome, inspriring event. Keep it up, I hope I remain a part of it in the future…

Dr Caryn Zinn, Dietitian and Academic

A conference full of hope for the future that generated a strong sense of community and clarity for me and my next steps as a disruptor of the failing health system.

Emily, Start-up Founder

An eye opening experience to everything we need to know and should know.”

Maryann, Teacher

“Conference of the year.


The Conference was amazing and well organised. The MC was engaging and kept the energy high and presenters running to time. The food was amazing ! The presenters were so good it changed my perspective on food forever . I can not unlearn the evidence based content.”

Tracy-Lee, PT and Health Coach

It’s not often all speakers at conferences tick all boxes. FOM23 ticked the boxes for sure. Being privy to Bravehearts showing their vulnerability and openly sharing their wisdom is so encouraging and inspiring. The two days at FOM23 restored my faith in humanity.”

Leona, Health Coach Student

I am still buzzing with excitement from the Conference adding more into my basket of knowledge. … I made a breakthrough in 10 weeks with Lifestyle Medicine and became free of living with Diabetes Type 2 for more than 10 long years.

Tauliani, Mental Health Community Support Worker

FOM23 Speakers

FOM23 set the stage for an outstanding line up of some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners from the world of preventative, lifestyle medicine.

Dr Matthew Phillips

Clinical and Research Neurologist

Paul Taylor

Mind Body Brain Performance Institute

Prof Julia Rucklidge

Professor of Clinical Psychology

Prof Grant Schofield

Professor of Public Health

Dr David Beaumont

Author of Positive Medicine

Dr Angela Lim

Dr Angela Lim

Paediatrics Doctor and CEO

Dr Paul Mason

Sports and Exercise Medicine Physician

Greg Macpherson

Biotechnologist & Pharmacologist

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Educating The Future of Medicine community

The Future of Medicine is proudly brought to you by PREKURE, Australasia’s leading provider of accredited, university level training in preventative lifestyle medicine.

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