The Future of Medicine

Coming November 2023

Challenging the status quo: 2 days of in-person live & interactive sessions to inspire a new view of medicine.

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About The Future of Medicine:

Challenging the status quo

This event is for anyone who wants to be part of a new view of medicine. Immerse yourself in a mix of scientific and practical talks on shifting the narrative in healthcare to a focus on lifestyle and prevention.

This is a rare opportunity to see and interact with some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners, and to mix and mingle with the future of medicine community.

Day 1:

The Future of Brain Health

A day of intense discovery & learning with the leading experts pioneering the future of brain health. Live presentations, discussions and interactive Q&A sessions covering nutritional psychology, hormetic medicine, new frontiers in trauma therapy, ACT behaviour therapy, the coach approach to mental health and more.

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Day 2:

The Future of Metabolic Health

Immerse yourself in interactive sessions and presentations from some of the world’s leading experts researchers and practitioners on the promising future view of metabolic health. Hear from experts on reversing chronic disease, PCOS, metabolic neurology, autoimmune protocols, the coach approach to metabolic health and more.

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Featured Speakers

An outstanding line up of some of the world’s leading researchers and practitioners from the world of preventative, lifestyle medicine.

Prof Julia Rucklidge

Nutritional psychology

Dr Matthew Phillips

A new view of brain health

Prof Grant Schofield

Hormetic medicine: The future of medicine

Dr Caryn Zinn

Science and practice in nutrition

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